VKS Scan Best Trades - Hall of Fame

TSLA 0.00%↑ Jan 10, 2023 Options Trade - Returned 1150%

TSLA 0.00%↑ May 9, 2023 Options Trade - Returned 650% (Went on for more, I closed early)

PYPL 0.00%↑ Nov 03, 2023, Equity Trade - Returned 15%

SQ 0.00%↑ Nov 02, 2023, Put Credit Spread - Closed for 95% of Credit

As trades come in we add them here. All of these were live trades and placed by me or someone in our beta group. If you would like to be added to the Hall of Fame, please respond to any email with your Twitter name, the trade date, the return, and a picture to confirm (only your Twitter handle and the above data will be included)